January 9, 2011

Lacy Cuffs ~ A Free Knitting Pattern

cufflette mosaic by Fabricoleur
cufflette mosaic, a photo by Fabricoleur on Flickr.
Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe Twilight # 5875 or any worsted weight wool

Size 5 DPNs Size 7 DPNs

Stitch Marker


Gauge is not critical for this project due to the fit of the cuffs. However, you will obtain best results with a worsted weight yarn.

Pattern Stitches

Lace pattern:

Rnd 1: Knit around.

Rnd 2: * Yo, k1, sl 1 – k2tog – psso, k1, yo, k1; rep from * around.

Rep rnds 1 & 2.

Pattern Instructions

With larger needles, CO 42 sts. Join for working in the round. Arrange sts as evenly as possible on dpns, pm to signify beginning of round.

Work 10 repeats of lace pattern. Knit 1 round.

Decrease Rnd: * K5, k2tog; rep around…36 sts. With smaller needle, begin twist-rib.

Rnd 1: * K2-tbl, p2; rep from * around until ribbing measures 2.5 inches.

Bind off in pattern. Weave in ends. Drink tea and admire your dainty cuffs!